Ronen Basal is the new Contract Manager at Lux Dev

Ronen Basal has been appointed as Contract Manager of Lux Dev Construction, and will begin his tenure with the company on April 1st. A Canadian businessman with a keen eye for growth potentials, and a uniquely Canadian business acumen with a global disposition, Mr. Basal brings a wealth of experience to the LuxDev corporation.

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About ronenbasal

Ronen Basal has been an influential member of the Canadian business community for many years. He has worked tirelessly to ensure the ethical and impactful sale of Canadian diamonds, helping to maturate what was, at one time, a relatively small diamond industry. Ronen has been at the forefront of this growing business, providing valuable administration, timely guidance, and strategic initiatives that have shown real profitability. View all posts by ronenbasal

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